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Single Phase Motor

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Single phase motors are extensively used for smaller loads such as household appliances or in small industrial sectors. For lightning and general purposes in homes, offices, shops, small factories single phase system is widely used as compared to three phase system as the single phase system is more economical and the power requirement in most of the houses, shops, offices are small, which can be easily met by single phase system. The single phase motors are simple in construction, cheap in cost, reliable and easy to repair and maintain. Our aluminium single phase motors are made according to industry standards. Depending upon the application load characteristics, mounting suitability and cooling mechanisms, we have single phase motors in various output powers. We have a division for designing, manufacturing and supplying custom-built electric motors for any and every application. Motors are available with a choice of enclosures as well as mountings. Motor enclosure options are protected drip-proof, drip-proof fan cooled, totally-enclosed and totally-enclosed fan-cooled. The mounting options are rigid base, solid base; bolt on feet, resilient base, flange, tapped pad or with ball or sleeve bearing options.


·         vacuum cleaner, fans, washing machine, booster pumps, kitchen equipment, centrifugal pump, blowers, washing machine and small toys.


·         Apt for smaller loads or small industries

·         The output power can be adjusted

·         We offer a wide range of motor enclosures and mountings

·         CSR(Capacitor Start and Run), CSIR(Capacitor Start Induction Run), CSCR(Capacitor Start Capacitor Run)

·         Voltage range 230V+/- 10% Frequency 50HZ+/-% combined +/- 10%

·         110v, 60HZ +/- 5%

·         Motors TEFC construction with IP protection

·         Centrifugal Switch designed for free operation with bimetal silver contacts to prevent the arc formation.

·         Capacitor start induction run motors have starting torque which is suitable for machine tools, small compressors, booster pumps, and atta chakki where frequent start/stop and high load inertia is involved.

·         Synchronous speed 750 rpm can be given in CS and R type.

·         Special shaft extension/double ended shaft can be given.

·         All other features similar to standard motors.

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