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Centrifugal Air Blowers

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Static pressure upto 1800 rvmwg in single stage, Higher static pressure by multi-staging ID/FD Fans Suitable for positive conveying and negative suction Manufactured out of special materials.

Capacity : Upto 400000 M3/Hr.
Pressure : Upto 2100 mm WC in single stage.

A centrifugal fan is a mechanical device for moving air or other gases. The terms "blower" and "squirrel cage fan" (because it looks like a hamster wheel) are frequently used as synonyms. These fans increase the speed of air stream with the rotating impellers. They use the kinetic energy of the impellers or the rotating blade to increase the pressure of the air/gas stream which in turn moves them against the resistance caused by ducts, dampers and other components. Centrifugal fans accelerate air radically, changing the direction (typically by 90°) of the airflow. They are sturdy, quiet, reliable, and capable of operating over a wide range of conditions.

Centrifugal fans are constant displacement devices or constant volume devices, meaning that, at a constant fan speed, a centrifugal fan will pump a constant volume of air rather than a constant mass. This means that the air velocity in a system is fixed even though the mass flow rate through the fan is not.[

Centrifugal fans are not positive displacement devices. Centrifugal fans have certain advantages and disadvantages when contrasted with positive-displacement blowers. The centrifugal fan is one of the most widely used fans. Centrifugal fans are by far the most prevalent type of fan used in the HVAC industry today. They are often cheaper than axial fans and simpler in construction.] They are used in transporting gas or materials and in ventilation system for buildings. They are also well-suited for industrial processes and air pollution control systems.

The centrifugal fan has a wheel composed of a number of fan blades, or ribs, mounted around a hub. As shown in the animated figure, the hub turns on a driveshaft that passes through the fan housing. The gas enters from the side of the fan wheel, turns 90 degrees and accelerates due to centrifugal force as it flows over the fan blades and exits the fan housing. ( )

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