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Medium Series-Worm Gear Box

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General ELECON gear units will operate safety provided that they are selected, installed, used

and maintained property. As with any equipment consists of rotating swhafts and

transmitting power, adequate guarding is necessary to elimiate the possibility of physical

contact with rotating shafts or coupling.

Potential Hazards The following points should be noted and brought to attention to the persons involved

in the installation, use and maintenance of equipment.

1. For lifting of gearunit eye-bolts or lifting points (on larger units) should be used.

2. Check the grade and quantity of lubrication before commissioning. Read and carry out all instructions on

lubricant plate and in the installation and maintenance manual literature.

3. Installation must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction and be undertaken by

suitably qualified personnel.

4. Ensure the proper maintenance of gearboxes in operation. USE ONLY ELECON SPARES FOR GEARBOXES.

5. The oil level should be examined periodically, if required the oil should be filled again.

6. The operating speeds, transmitting powers, generated torques or the external loads must not exceed the

design values.

7. The driving and the driven equipment must be correctly selected to ensure that the complete installation of

the machinery will perform satisfactorily e.g. avoiding system critical speeds, system torsional vibration etc.

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