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  • KS 6/7/8  Borewell Submersible Pumps

KS 6/7/8 Borewell Submersible Pumps

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One of the best advantages of these pumps is huge saving in electrical consumption. These are designed to withstand wide voltage fluctuations. Non overloading power characteristics protect the motor. These pumps have dynamically rotating parts. Nitril rubber bushes ensure long life of pump even in muddy water. These are mainly used in fire fighting application. These also find wide usage in continuous supply of water in farming.


  • Huge savings in electrical consumption
  • Capability to withstand wide voltage fluctuations
  • Operates equally well with Genset, great help during power cuts
  • Non-overloading power characteristics protect the motor
  • Water lubricated bearings for years of service
  • Design of non-returnable valve reduces friction
  • Minimum possible diameters for easier setting into the borewell
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts
  • Nitril rubber bushes ensure long life of pump even in muddy water
  • CED coating cast iron components long life & rust free


  • Continuous water supply for farming application and irrigation projects
  • Fire Fighting


  • Capacity 2400 to 60 lpm
  • Head 5 to 306 m
  • Power Rating 2.2 to 33 kW (3 to 45 HP)

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