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  • MVP Metalic Volute Pump

MVP Metalic Volute Pump

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Metallic Volute pumps are used for large capacity water handling applications. MVP pumps of KBL can handle flow upto 1,20,000 m3/hr. These pumps are used in application like cooling water in Thermal and Nuclear power plants, Irrigation Pumps, flood control etc. 


  • High reliability
  • Design Simplicity
  • Superior Operating Performance
  • Vibration-free performance
  • Low submergence
  • Lowest Maintenance Costs


  • Thermal and Nuclear power plants
  • Water supply Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Flood control
  • Storm water
  • Dry Docks


  • Delivery size up to 6000 mm
  • Capacity up to 1,20,000 m3 /hr
  • Head up to 200 m

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